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July 21 2017

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(...) nie trzeba wiele czasu, wystarczy jeden dzień, jedna godzina, jeden obrót koła fortuny, żeby zdmuchnąć bez śladu to, czym żyliśmy, co wydawało nam się ważne, nasze radości i smutki, nasze zamiary, decyzje i przysięgi.
— Julius Margolin
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zrozumieć drzewo, 
które w samym środku lata
— J. Borszewicz
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Real life Quick Time Event

snoop dogg is probably the fastest man alive but no cause has ever demanded the use of his full power

July 20 2017



i’m officially cancelling cringe culture. it’s over. go enjoy the things you like unabashedly and proudly because life is hard and sometimes things are just nice.

play minecraft. watch doctor who. read homestuck. draw undertale fanart. be a furry. live.


boys with mental illnesses don’t need to “man up.” you are allowed to ask for help.



Degrees of secondhand fandom:

  • I don’t watch/read/listen to it, but I follow the summaries on the wiki
  • I rarely pursue information about it, but I have enough incidental contact with the core fandom that I’ve picked it up via osmosis
  • I strive to avoid it, but I’ve been indoctrinated against my will by the fucking memes
  • I can cite the canon chapter and verse, but I have no recollection of how or why I acquired this knowledge, and that concerns me

#I read the TV tropes page#this blog essay was really good even though I had the barest idea what it was talking about#I know it for reasons that are a story all of their own


i just wanna move out n live w the love of my life and make them breakfast every morning and we can dance around in our shitty little apartment to our favourite songs and kiss and fall more and more in love every day

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July 19 2017

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Niech przyśnią się wakacje, co wiecznie będą trwać; leżę w samym słońcu, mam dwanaście lat.
— Waglewski Fisz Emade, Wakacje
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Marcel Duchamp behind his installation of “Sixteen miles of string”. ⁰New York, 1942

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